It’s the worst time of the year…

So since Easter is right around the corner(this year is flying by!)  I thought I would write about what working  a holiday at Disney is like.

Holidays seem to be the time of the year where everyone decides it would be a great time to visit Disney. It’s not. To begin the parks are crazy busy, I’m talking a hour or more wait for less popular attractions such as It’s a small world.  Also Florida is hot most of the year so that makes the guests extra crabby around Holidays.  I’ve seen physical fights break out around Holidays because of wait times.

As a former cast member I hated working any holiday, I would try and give away my shifts but that never really worked out. When working a Holiday at Disney World, the hours are super long, 17 hours was the longest shift that I worked. The guest don’t care how long you’ve been working or if you’re sad that you’re not with friends or family, the guests just want their way. I’ve been yelled at for a multiple of  stupid things, the bathroom line was too long, the line to get coffee was long, there was no more fastpasses for the most popular attractions…ect. Getting yelled at all day really takes a toll on a person, especially when the guests start insulting you, I’ve been called pretty much all the names in the book. I would try and do whatever I could for the guests( basically to get them out of my hair) but I could not control lines or wait times or the weather. I’ve also had multiple guests go to my manager and demand I be fired because they could not get their way.

I worked for Disney for about 4 years and I’ve only been thanked for working Holidays probably about 5 times, which is so sad. Cast members are people and guests really need to stop treating them like crap. Guests lack of planning is not anyones’ fault but their own.